Gaelforce: Equalizer 13ft 8/9# 4pc

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Choosing the right club is perhaps the most important decision that a golfer can make. If the golfer is 145 yards from the hole, he might select either a 6- or a 7-iron, depending on the direction of the wind and a variety of other factors. A 5-iron may put him over the green. An 8-iron might not be enough club.

Choosing the right salmon rod is a similar exercise. The dimensions of the river, the size of the fly, and the size of the fish come into play. For a midsized river, a 14-foot rod may put the fly in the bushes on the far bank. A 12-foot rod might not be enough rod, requiring the angler to expend too much energy to cover the holding lies. A 13-foot salmon rod is the right tool for the job in these circumstances.  

An optimum balance of length and line weight, the Gaelforce Equalizer 13-foot #8/9 is ideally suited to midsized rivers (Helmsdale, Naver, Don, North and South Esk, Earn, Teith, Brora, Doon, Stinchar, Awe, Teviot, Deveron), where grilse, two-sea-winter salmon and the occasional three-sea-winter salmon are the primary quarry. The Gaelforce Equalizer 13-foot #8/9 pairs well with the Gaelforce Equalizer ESH Shooting Head #9 (523 grains/34 grams) or the supremely versatile Gaelforce Equalizer Multi Tip #8/9, featuring five interchangeable tips (Floating, Intermediate, Sink 3, Sink 6 and Sink 8) for complete coverage in all levels of water.

Utilizing the finest new graphite materials in the construction of the blank, the Gaelforce Equalizer 13-foot for #8/9 allows the angler to fish “fine and far off” with ultimate precision. The strong tip and the deep progressive action—the signature flex of the Equalizer series—eliminate side deflection of the tip when lifting line from the water and provide maximum feedback when making a change of direction with sustained-anchor casts or with traditional spey casts.

Recommended lines: Gaelforce Equalizer ESH #9, Gaelforce Equalizer EIH #9, Gaelforce Equalizer EMT #8/9, Gaelforce Equalizer Spey 54 #9/10, Gaelforce Equalizer ESP Skagit Patriot #8 or #9.


The Gaelforce Equalizer 13-foot for #8/9 features:

-the finest components sourced from around the world

-a matte green finish for maximum stealth with rich silver whippings

-Fuji stripping guides with hard chrome snake guides

-the finest AAAA-grade slim cork handles

-a superior-grade Alps Tri-Lock down-locking reel seat

-alignment dots for easy and accurate assembly and security

-a quality cloth bag and Cordura rod tube