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Snowbee: Braided Leaders

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A superb range of gently tapered Braided Leaders, providing smooth, delicate turnover and presenting your fly with delicacy and precision. 

Finished with a neat loop at both ends to make a simple loop-to-loop connection between your fly line and leader or tippet material.
Made from a braided monofilament they taper down to provide the weight distribution that links the turnover energy in the fly line to the leader.

Having a braided construction, these leaders tend to have less memory than the equivalent polyleader and lower stretch / shock absorbtion - virtually indestructible.
Designed to last much longer than traditional monofilament or copolymer leaders. They are suitable for Trout fishing as well as Salmon fishing.
Each density of leader is colour coordinated 

Colours (see specific listings):
Intermediate: Green
Slow Sink: Grey with blue ends
Fast Sink: Grey with black ends


  • High quality, durable
  • Excellent turnover
  • Delicate presentation
  • Neat loop at both ends
  • 5ft length, 18-20lb breaking strain